Biblical Coaching Application
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Tell us about your personal conversion and relationship with Jesus AND your relationship to the church over the years. *

Please state what a person must do to receive eternal life. *

Why do you want to be involved with this particular ministry at Shoreline? *

Please describe (a) your understanding of the purpose and role of tithing and giving in the Christian’s life and (b) your habits of giving over the past two years. *

Give us a snapshot of the most important relationship(s) in your life at this time: who are they; how do they contribute to your life; how do you contribute to their life? What, if anything, needs to change about the way you relate to people (in general)? *

What does the phrase “walk by the Spirit” (cf. Galatians 5:16) mean to you? What, if any, practices have you actively engaged in to cultivate walking in the Spirit? *

Give an example of a time within the past year, you had the occasion to minister to someone. Was it effective or ineffective, and how did you know? *

Consider the characteristics of God.  Describe three different ways you’ve experienced His character over the years. *

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